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I’m excited to announce that Wolf is expanding their product offerings to now include daylight and night vision optics. Long known for their line of Russian manufactured steel cased ammo, Wolf has grown well beyond that in the last few years by expanding their product offerings to include high quality German and Taiwanese made ammunition and the popular VEPR line of rifles and shotguns.



The 2014 Wolf Performance Optics line-up.


The source for the new line of Wolf optics is the well known Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant (NPZ). NPZ was founded in 1905 and has a long history of producing both commercial and military grade optics.


Wolf will go to market initially with four night vision optics, the PN21K, PN22K, PN23 and PNN14M. These will be made available with either Generation 2+ or Generation 3 intensifiers depending on the model. This isn’t the cheap Generation 1 stuff you’ll find flooding the internet for a couple hundred bucks per unit, these are high-end military grade optics. In addition to their night vision offerings, Wolf is also offering the PSU sight which is a 1-4x32mm scope much like the ELCAN SpecterDR in its capabilities. These products will kick-off the new line of optics but Wolf plans to introduce more day optics later in the year.


I hope to have a sample of the new night vision optics in hand shortly for a full review including taking them into the field for some coyote hunting. Stay tuned on that front! In the meantime, let’s take a look at the some of the specs.


The PN21K is similar in size and function to the U.S. military PVS-14. The PN21K is smaller in size than the PVS-14 and is available with either a Gen 2+ or Gen 3 image intensifier. The PN21K is auto-gated to prevent damage to the intensifier should it be exposed to bright light. Like the PVS-14, the PN21K can be used handheld, head mounted, mounted to a firearm and even paired with a second unit to create night vision binoculars. Another interesting feature is the ability to mount either a 3x or 5x magnifier to the PN21K as accessories which are sold separately. The unit weighs 10oz and is powered by a single 1.5v AA battery.


The PN22K is the optic that has caught my attention. What makes this optic unique is the ability to quickly switch between daylight and night time use by turning a large knob. The sight uses two parallel channels to accomplish this feat and is housed in a aluminum body that is capable of handling recoil of a 30-06 rifle. Both Gen 2+ and Gen 3 intensifiers are available for the PN22k and it is powered by a single 1.5v AA battery. Making this system even more appealing is the inclusion of an integrated IR illuminator for use in extremely dark conditions. The PN22K offers 3x magnification in both the daylight and night vision channels. With the Gen 3 intensifier the PN22K has a recognition range of 450 meters. It weighs 45.8oz and is 12.6″ in length. It’s designed to attach to a 1913 rail system. See Full Article


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